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Опубликовано: 09.04.2017

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How to Make Free Call Over The World (In Hindi)

Making calls to mobile within same country can be cheap but there is no mobile operator worldwide than offer international calls at such cheap rates. These traditional calls to international mobile numbers have call rates as high as sky and so unaffordable for everyone who needs to make international calls frequently. And while there are many online services that offer very cheap call rates to make calls we offer entirely free calls to mobile numbers worldwide.

The best part of making these free calls is that you don't need any kind of registration, account management, card details to share, additional plug-ins or anything like this. All you need is internet browser, microphone, an active internet connection (WiFi/3G and any other internet connection) and flash player installed to support your web browser. These are pretty basic things that everyone already have and so making free calls is as easy as using your traditional calling system but with a difference that former is free while the latter can charge you unbelievably high for your international calls.

How to Make a Free Call from Internet to Mobile (Urdu/Hindi)